Please enjoy the crafts that you want to feel with your five senses.

Please enjoy crafts that you want to use in your life, mainly wooden items.  Especially for wooden products, I would be happy if you could feel the mystery of life from the beauty of wood grain, which is never the same.  In addition, please spend a relaxing time with Japanese tea and sweets while feeling the thoughts of the creators and workshops of other crafts with your five senses.
 Especially at the cafe, we have prepared a variety of menus so that you can enjoy Japanese tea in various ways.  Please enjoy the unexperienced taste of Japanese tea that you cannot taste anywhere else.

Notice of [additional holidays]
 Thank you for always using "Gallery Blissful Moments + Kandokoro".
 It is very urgent, but we will change our store holiday as follows.

  Until March 31 (Friday), every Wednesday
  From Saturday, April 1...every Wednesday and Thursday

 Thank you very much.

【what's new】

Information (updated on March 23)
 From the day after tomorrow, March 25 (Sat)
 Prior to the "Matcha Bowl Exhibition", we will start selling matcha from Kyoto Uji Kanbayashi (founded 400 years ago) today.
 <Dark green tea>
 ・Okumukashi (30g) ¥3,240 (tax included)
 ・Toku no Shiro (30g) ¥2,268 (tax included)
 ・Asahi White (30g) ¥1,620 (tax included)
(Updated on February 21)
 Asamiya tea (Shiga Prefecture) has been added to the sencha menu.  This tea is cultivated at an altitude of 400m in the Asamiya area of ​​Nanbu Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture.  Please enjoy the elegant aroma and refreshing taste with less astringency.
 (Updated on February 13)
 New Sencha has arrived
 Sencha from "Okukuji" (Ibaraki Prefecture), the northern limit of the tea production area on the Pacific side, has been added to the sencha menu.  The characteristics of this tea are its richness and umami, which can be felt depending on the growing environment (mountainous areas, temperature difference, rain and fog).    ¥350 (single item)
(Updated on February 1)
 February 4th (Sat) Finally, three types of Shin and Shiratama flavors will be available for a limited time.
 Part 1, yuzu jam
 Part 2, zunda bean paste
 3. Mitarashi
 Please give it a try.

(Updated January 19)
 Finally completed!
 Based on customer requests
 Hojicha Pack is ready.
 This time, we are roasting and finishing Hoshino tea (Sencha) from Okuyame, Fukuoka.
 Although it does not have a strong taste,
 Enjoy the elegant and fragrant scent
(Updated January 19)
 Finally completed!
 Based on customer requests
 Hojicha Pack is ready.
 This time, we are roasting and finishing Hoshino tea (Sencha) from Okuyame, Fukuoka.
 Although it does not have a strong taste,
 Enjoy the elegant and fragrant scent at home.
 10 packs (4g x 10) 486 yen (tax included)
 Updated on Tuesday, January 17
 I updated my blog♪
 Instagram is new.
 Shin Instagram Dissemination!
       Please register.

【New Year Greetings】

Updated January 1st
 Happy New Year.
 I sincerely hope that 2023 will be a peaceful year for everyone.
 The first commercial is January 6th (Fri).
 Thank you for your continued support this year.

 Thank you very much for your patronage this year.
 Thank you for your continued support in the coming year.
 The new year will be open from January 6th (Fri).
 Happy new year to all of you.
 From Friday, January 6 to Sunday, January 9
 We offer a special menu.
 (Regular lunch menu is closed.)
 ・Lucky bag sales
 ・ Daifuku tea provided (zenzai service)
 ・New Year's New Year cooking course
 *All are limited in number.

We have registered information on the Japanese tea portal site "Nihoncha Door".
 This site is a site that provides information on Japanese tea operated by the Japan Tea Industry System Strengthening Promotion Council.
 If you like Japanese tea, please use it.  We would like to always send out event information related to our Japanese tea.

Business days and event information

We are accepting reservations for the matcha grinding experience!  ︎

It is an experience where you can feel the aroma, bitterness, and sweetness of the original unprocessed tea leaves.
 Why don't you take this opportunity to delve into Japanese tea with your family?
 The fee is ¥1,000 per person.  (with sweets)
 Reservations are required as there are only 2 groups per day.
 For reservations: 096-200-6015

11:00~18:00 ×

1 parking lot, coin parking (5 minutes on foot)
 Nearest Station: Kumamoto Station (JR), Gionbashi (Kumamoto City Tram)
 Nearest bus stop: Gofukuko-mae, Gionbashi (prefectural road)

Basic information

 91-2 Ozawacho, Chuo Ward, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Contact: 096-200-6015 (also for FAX)

 Business hours: 11:00-18:00
 Regular holiday: Every Wednesday

 Counter: 4 people
 3 counters on the window side
 Round table: 4 people
 2-seat table x 2: 4 people
 Riverside open terrace table x 3: 6 people