[Please read first]

The style of our shop is the style that the basic customer brews tea.  That is because we want you to drink tea at the most delicious timing.
 When the amount of tea leaves, the amount of hot water, the temperature of the hot water, and the steaming time are right, you can enjoy the delicious tea, so the staff will prepare it.  Finally, please enjoy your tea time at your own pace.
 Of course, when you don't understand well, please shout out to the staff.  At that time, the staff will brew the first cup.

Lunch time rice menu (11:30~15:00)

We started serving alcohol.

* Matcha beer
 I finished it with a blend that does not spoil the taste of Uji Matcha.
 *Matcha wine, Matcha sparkling wine
 A collaboration between Uji matcha and white wine from Koshu.  We have prepared sweet and slightly spicy.

If you order alcoholic beverages, we may ask you to confirm that you are not a driver of a car or bicycle.

If you would like to order lunch,
 Sencha (single item) is 100 yen cheaper

 Rice for lunch ¥500
 Hojicha ¥200
 Set discount - ¥100
 Payment: ¥600 (tax included)

Japanese tea (from 200 yen/tax included)

sweetness set

Matcha set (deep tea)/¥600
This is a higher quality matcha.  The tea leaves are from Kyoto Uji Kanbayashi.  You can choose from 11 types of matcha bowls.  You can also make your own.  Please choose the sweetness from the following.
Matcha set (thin tea)/¥550
Please select a production area from Uji in Kyoto and Yame in Fukuoka.  You can choose from 11 types of matcha bowls.  You can also make your own.  Please choose the sweetness from the following.
Premium sencha set/¥600
We offer pesticide-free tea from the Yame Kasahara region, tea specially cultivated for the Kagoshima Chirangodake competition (the best in Japan at the 2020 tea competition), and tea that won the best tea in Japan at the 2021 tea competition. increase.  Please choose the sweetness from the following.
Sencha set/¥550
Please choose from the types of sencha and tea trees grown in the attached region.  You can enjoy up to 2 to 5 roasts each.  Please choose the sweetness from the following.
Special gyokuro set/¥650
"Honzu" farming method reprinted with the traditional manufacturing method of Uji, Kyoto.  Choose from tea leaves that are traditionally covered with reeds or rice straw, or tea leaves that are grown in the Yame Kasahara region of Fukuoka using the completely pesticide-free organic compost farming method.  Please choose the sweetness from the following.
Gyokuro set/¥600
Please select either Kyoto Uji or Fukuoka Yame.  Recommended for those who like the sweetness of tea.  Please enjoy the difference in taste between the 1st and 2nd infusions.  (You can enjoy up to 5 roasting.) Please choose the sweetness from the following.
Cover tea set / ¥ 600
I use Ise tea from Mie Prefecture.  Covered tea is a farming method that blocks half of the sunlight and exposes half of the sun until the buds are picked.  The sweet and astringent components give the tea a good balance.  Please choose the sweetness from the following.
Roasted green tea set/¥400
We use tea leaves (far-infrared roasted) from Uji, Kyoto.  Please choose the sweetness from the following.
*Set sweetness
1. Nostalgic Zazen beans
 2. Served with shiratama bean paste
 3. Shiratama with Matcha Sauce
 4. Shiratama black syrup with soybean flour
 5. Shiratama zenzai
 6.Sudden dumpling

Sweetness single item

Assorted Shiratama/¥300Please choose from bean paste, matcha sauce, or black honey soybean flour.
Shiratama taste comparison (3 types) / ¥ 400It is a greedy dish where you can enjoy 3 kinds of flavors: shiratama + bean paste, matcha sauce, and kuromitsu soybean flour.
A moment / ¥ 300Two types of bean paste, black bean paste and matcha bean paste, are served with shiratama dumplings.
Matcha zenzai/¥400Finished with a base of matcha and white bean paste

[Oi Shiratama]

 3 balls ¥100
   6 balls ¥200
   9 balls ¥300
 ・Limited to those who order shiratama menu.

matcha latte
Make Kyoto Uji matcha and mix it with milk.  Choose from hot matcha latte or cold matcha latte.
Hojicha Latte (hot/cold)
Grind roasted green tea from Uji, Kyoto with a tea mortar and blend it in the same way as matcha.  Enjoy a richer roasted green tea latte.  Please choose a hot hojicha latte or a cold hojicha latte.
Japanese tea cider (Sencha, Hojicha, Japanese black tea)
We make cider from the tea leaves we use at our shop.  Since carbonation is added directly to the tea, the original taste and flavor of the tea remains.  Please enjoy the slightly mysterious taste that you cannot drink anywhere else.
matcha ice cream
Lastly, we will serve matcha from Uji, Kyoto.
rich matcha ice cream
I will bring matcha ice cream with thick tea (matcha).  Enjoy the harmony of the bitterness of matcha and the sweetness of ice cream.
Vanilla ice cream with brown sugar syrup and soybean flour
I will bring soybean flour to the vanilla ice cream.  Please enjoy it with black honey as you like.
Japanese black tea
 (Sagaramura Kawakami Tea)
Please choose from the first (1st plucked tea) with a soft taste or the second (2nd plucked tea) with a full-fledged bitterness.
After receiving your order, we will grind the original roasted beans of Fukuoka "Mamekodo" and deliver them with paper drip.
Please choose 100% orange juice or 100% apple juice.

Other menu

Nationwide Sencha drinking comparison first

  We have collected sencha teas from local tea-producing regions from all over Japan.  The taste of tea changes depending on the climate, soil, water, history of the tea industry, etc.  Which production area do you like tea?  Please enjoy the difference in taste.
 1,000 yen (tax included)
 <Handling production areas>
◆Okukuji Tea Ibaraki Prefecture
◆Oyama Tea Tottori Prefecture
◆Sayama Tea (Saitama Prefecture)
◆Yame Tea (Fukuoka Prefecture)
◆Ashikaga Tea (Kanagawa Prefecture)
◆Sonogi Tea (Nagasaki Prefecture)
◆ Nanbu Tea (Yamanashi Prefecture)
◆ Ureshino Tea (Saga Prefecture)
◆Fukuroi Tea, Shizuoka Tea
◆Kitsuki Tea, Oita Prefecture
◆Tenryu Tea (Shizuoka Prefecture)
◆Kawane Tea (Shizuoka Prefecture)
◆Shirakawa Tea (Gifu Prefecture)
◆Sagara Tea (Kumamoto Prefecture)
◆ Ujicha (Kyoto Prefecture)
◆ Dakema Tea (Kumamoto Prefecture)
◆Ise Tea: Mie Prefecture
◆Saito Tea: Miyazaki Prefecture
◆Asamiya Tea (Shiga Prefecture)
◆Miyakonojo Tea (Miyazaki Prefecture)
◆ Tosa Tea: Kochi Prefecture
◆ Chiran Tea: Kagoshima Prefecture
◆Omogo Tea: Ehime Prefecture
◆Kirishima Tea: Kagoshima Prefecture
◆Yamato Tea (Nara Prefecture)
◆Tanegashima Tea (Kagoshima Prefecture)
◆Original sencha

 ・Please choose 3 places for Sencha from above.
 ・Please choose one sweet from the menu below.
 ①Shiratama (bean paste, matcha sauce, black honey soybean flour) ②Zazen beans ③Ikinari dumpling ④Shiratama zenzai
 * You can also order sencha single items and sencha set menus.  (single item ¥350, set ¥550)

Sencha tasting comparison (by production area)
Please choose 3 tea leaves from the above production areas.
Sencha tasting comparison (by tea leaf variety) with sweetness
You can choose 3 from 10 types of tea plants (Yabukita, Asatsuyu, Saemidori, Tsuyuhikari, Yutakamidori, Sakimidori, Yumekaori, Kirari31, Asoka, Harumoegi).
Matcha grinding experience with sweets You can choose from 3 from 10 types of tea plants (Yabukita, Asatsuyu, Saemidori, Tsuyuhikari, Yutakamidori, Sakimidori, Yumekaori, Kirari31, Asoka, Harumoegi).
 (Experience time about 1 hour) ¥1,000
Grind the original tea leaves of matcha with a tea mill.  It is an experience of making tea yourself with matcha that you ground yourself.  A sweet set.
おひるごはん 弁当箱 茶がら ほうじ茶

[Commitment of our shop]

 Meat: domestically produced
 "We do not use processed products as much as possible."
  Rice: Made in Kumamoto Prefecture
 Water: use alkaline ionized water
  Salt: Uses salt from Amakusa
 Nori: Uses seaweed from the Ariake Sea
 Shiratama: I use Shiratamaya Shinzaburo's
 Bean paste: same as Shiratamaya Shinzaburo
 Matcha sauce: same as Shiratamaya Shinzaburo
 Soybean flour: same as Shiratamaya Shinzaburo
 Black honey: same as Shiratamaya Shinzaburo
   Onigiri cooked with hojicha
   Dried tea leaves after drinking tea
 Onigiri rice balls with sprinkles roasted with Amakusa salt
 mixed with
  Meat and fish are prepared by the staff
 I am doing
   Shiratama dumplings are served in the same way as Shinzaburo Shiratamaya
 "Ikinari Dango" from "Murasaki" in Kawajiri
 I have
   I went directly to the production area and
 "I got it from Mr.
 (Ise kabuse tea is ordered from Mie Agricultural Cooperative)

About reservation

We accept everything from single seats to charters.
 Please feel free to ask any questions.

・Please refrain from canceling without notice.
 ・In the case of charter, we ask that you pay in advance.